Target package

My archi module[source][source][source][source]

Initialize types global variables with common types.[source], ttype=None)[source], ttype=None)[source]

Reads the memory location where with type ttype.

  • where -- location to read
  • ttype -- C type of where. Default: void *[source][source][source]

My access module

class, mode)[source]

Bases: object


Bases: object

communicate()[source], mode)[source][source][source][source][source]

Bases: object

static exists(path)[source]

My system module[source]

Module contents[source]

Returns the relevant implementation for the target type asked. :param ttype: archi, system or access submodule. :returns: the relevant implementation of the asked type.[source]

Internal function. Initializes the target stack (access, archi and system). Look into the three submodules, and initialize them.


System utils module

Module proving system (Linux) utility functions.


Bases: object

Internal function.[source]

Returns the grand children of a process. Mainly used for MPI's mpiruned processes.

Parameters:pid -- PID of the mpirun process.
Returns:PIDs of the grand children we found.
Return type:list(int)[source]

Return the integer value of a hexadecimal string s[source]

Internal function.[source]

Converts an integer to an IP address[source]

Returns the PIDs of processes named name. :returns: list of PIDs found.