Representation package

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Module providing the toolset to build graphs of communicating entities.

class mcgdb.representation.Filterable(name)[source]

Bases: object

Parent class for filterable objects.

Subclasses should override methods get_parameters and add_return_values.


Virtual method. Should add information from the return of the function call to data.

Parameters:data (dict) -- object returned by get_parameters
filterables = []
filters = {}

Virtual method. Should return the parameter of the function call.

Returns:parameters and values of the filterable function.
Return type:dict
Returns:True if some after filters were registered for this object.
static register_filter(name, before=None, after=None)[source]

Registers a new filter.

  • name -- Name of the filter.
  • before (Callable(**params) --> Boolean) -- Filter function executed before the function call.
  • after (Callable(**params) --> Boolean) -- Filter function executed after the function call.

Tests if the execution should be stopped after the execution of the function.

Adds the return values from the subclass to the params object and apply before(**param).

Parameters:params -- parameters of the function call.
Returns:True if one of the after filter returned True, False otherwise.

Tests if the execution should be stopped before the execution of the function.

Gets the function parameters from the subclass and apply before(**param).

Returns:#1 True if one of the registered before filter return True, False otherwise.
Returns:#2 The parameters used for the filtering.
class mcgdb.representation.StopRequest(message=None, permanent=False, cb=None)[source]

Bases: object