Model-centric debugging came out during Kevin Pouget‘s PhD thesis time at the University of Grenoble, in a partnership between the LIG lab (team CORSE, under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Francois Mehaut) and STMicroelectronics (under the supervision of Dr. Miguel Santana). The PhD was funded by a 3-year CIFRE grant starting December 2010, and the thesis was defended in February 2014.

Then, the work on model-centric debugging continued for two more years, as part of the DEMA project (Debugging Embedded and Multicore Applications) from the Nano2017 research program. It went from April 2015 to March 2017. Kevin Pouget was the main researcher/engineer, Jean-Francois Mehaut was his advisor, and Miguel Santana was the industrial coordinator during the first year of the project.

The work on model-centric debugging is now over, with no plan to continue it.

If you’re interested in the topic or the tool, feel free to contact Kevin: mcgdb